VIDEO PODCAST: What is real Aghor sect?

 Aghor sahaj hai, saral hai, sugam hai. Aghor is inborn – that which we are born with, inherent. Aghor is easy to comprehend. The path of Aghor is easy to walk on.

What is our inherent nature? Our natural state that we are born into is wholeness. When we came on this earth, there was no discrimination existing within us. We were open to everything. This state of nondiscrimination is the foundation of Aghor.

The primary practices of Aghor are to connect with the natural state of wholeness or fullness that exists within. It’s a choice. We can either choose the light or the darkness. We can choose to see the glass as half full or half empty. Things are as they are. It’s up to us to choose how we see it.

One who is walking on the path of Aghor makes a very conscious decision, moment to moment, to choose fullness. Start with imagination. Visualize light filling your heart. Bring stillness, sweetness into your heart. How do you bring sweetness into your heart? Imagine something or someone that you love and respect. Imagine that presence sitting within your heart. It’s very easy to connect with a feeling of sweetness when it’s combined with respect and reverence. Fears and negativity are all figments of our imagination too. But we can choose something else. Why not choose to imagine something sweet?

In olden days and even still today, some Aghoris have engaged in practices that might shock the modern mind. The purpose for this was really to just challenge the mind – for the practitioner to see for himself or herself if they were truly in a state of nondiscrimination. Now times have changed and we don’t have to do practices that are out of the ordinary. We can look at our day to day life and ask ourselves: “In this moment, what is it that is limiting my wholeness?”

The practice begins right there. Pay attention to yourself when you are feeling limited. Feelings of judgment, fear, anger, or jealousy are all things that limit us. Everything becomes self centered. You are thinking about “me”. And opportunity arises – do I choose wholeness or do I choose my limited self? The solution to the problem at hand may not come right away, but if you just take a step back, take a nice deep breath, connect with your wholeness, the energy that is going to flow in a positive direction becomes available and it empowers you.

The best way to identify with our wholeness is to live a life of service. When we live from a place of accommodating the other, we are really acknowledging our own wholeness – our capacity for giving and for helping others in need.

When you begin to identify with Aghor, cleansing yourself of the past, recognize the time ahead. Begin to choose the wholeness. Keep it very simple, very straight, and very direct.

Aghor is our natural state. It is simple and easy to comprehend. It is an is an easy path to walk on, but it takes courage. Courage. Aghor is the direct path, but it takes courage.

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