Brahmasthana - Definition and Importance

The Brahmasthana (central portion of the plot) is an important factor to be reckoned while constructing a building, be it an office or a house. The Brahmasthana is the region around the navel (Nabhi) of the Vastu Purusha (site deity).

The energy lines running through the center of the plot are also equally important. Much care should be taken in building a structure, so that these lines are not disturbed.
Vastu recomends that the Brahmasthana of the building should always be left empty. The center of the building is selected as an intersent of two diagonal lines from the four corners of the plot; and the same is done with all the interior rooms. No pillars and no rooms should be contructed at this place, and no heavy furniture should be kept in the centre of any room. Only carpets, rugs etc. can be kept at this place.