Vaastu Shastra tips for Restaurants and Hotels

Restaurant / Hotel Vastu
Restaurants or hotels are the temporary use areas for people where they have their lunch or dinner or sometimes perform their business works also. The fame the popularity of these hotels and restaurants depend upon the arrangement and facilities provided by them for the customers. It is possible only when they are built in accordance with the rules of Vastu.


The plot for building a hotel/restaurant should have square, rectangle, hexagonal, singhmukhakar, octagonal or circular shape. These shapes are preferred to be profitable.
Roads on all four sides of the plot are very auspicious.
Building should be constructed in such a way that more space should be kept open towards north and east.
The main entrance of the hotel/restaurant should be in east or north or North-East directions. If it is west then it should be in North-West but nit in South-West.
In the hotels and restaurant services, the kitchen requires a large space, good light and ventilation. Preferably, the kitchen should be at ground floor in southeast zone. All electrical appliances like ovens, grinders and mixers used in kitchen could be placed in southeast corner of the kitchen. Storeroom location could be in west or south of the kitchen.
The arrangements in the room should be in such a way that the beds should be in south or west only so that he/she sleeps with his head in west or south only.
Toilets in the rooms should be in North-West or South-West only.
Bathrooms should be in East or West only.
Swimming pools, underground water tanks wells etc should be built in North-East side only.
The air conditioner plants should be placed and operated from the South-East direction only.
Elevators should be placed in the south zone only.
Colors to be used are orange, yellow, cream and brown in the interior as well as the menu design
Store rooms should be ideally placed in South-West.
Kitchen should be in the South-East direction only.
The cash counters should be made such that the person who sits at that particular designation should face East or North.
The North-East portion of Hotel/Restraunt should be kept clean or incorporate some water source or fountain over that place


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